About Our Company


DVAC specialized in Duct Fabrication and Ventilation System, has executed different kind of Projects: Residential, Commercial, Governmental, Resorts, Stadiums, Metro Stations, Industrial & Institutional.

For over 25 years, DVAC has been specializing in the Ventilation System, performing the Duct Fabrication, Sound Attenuators, Volume Control Dampers (VCD), Fire Dampers (UL Classified), Bypass Terminal Units (VAV), Sand Trap Louvers, Access Doors, Plenum Boxes and many other items related to HVAC system in different sizes and shapes.

Being a Leading Manufacturer of Ducts in Qatar, and based on the long experience and proficiency of its highly motivated staff, DVAC provides the best solutions for all kinds of HVAC Inquiries.
DVAC performs the Jacketing for Chilled Water Pipes and Ducts and has executed many Towers in the West bay of Doha-Qatar.



DVAC Is composed of experts and professionals who are constantly ready to contribute and confront to become the best Company / Workshop in Qatar.

DVAC equipped with sophisticated, modern and the most advanced computerized machines which facilitate having the capability of undertaking huge projects.

DVAC has executed several big projects in Qatar and obtained approvals from International Consultants for all its products and is still collaborating with famous Contracting Companies.