Duct Accessories

DEVO Flanges


DVAC uses the DEVO Accessories to be fixed on the fabrication of Ducts.

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Rectangular Ducts are fitted with Flange Frames 20 / 30 / 40
made of GI sheet. It is a method of connecting Air Ducts.
Flanges are usually welded / clinched or fixed by screws / rivets.
Flanged joints are made by bolting two flanges to each other
with a gasket in between, when a rigid connection is required.


VENTO Flanges


DVAC uses the Vento Accessories to be fixed on the fabrication of Ducts.
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All Duct Connectors are according to DW144 & SMACNA Standard Specifications.
Vento flanges are rigid so as to provide uniform pressure over the entire length of the joint.

Vento Flanges comes in three sizes:

  • System 20: Height: 20mm

Flanges for normal pressure and/or Ducts with standard dimensions.

  • System 30: Height: 30mm

Flanges for medium pressure and/or Ducts with medium dimensions.

  • System 40: Height: 40mm

Flanges for high pressure and/or Ducts with large dimensions.


Corners are used for making duct frames and tested according to DIN 24194
and HVAC DW/TM1 Standard Specifications.
Vento Corners comes in two sizes:

  • System 30: For any Duct size out of stamped sheet steel galvanized
  • System 40: For Large Duct sizes out of cold-drawn, galvanized sheet metal 5M Length