Sand Trap Louvers

Sand Trap Louver is used as Pre-filter for protection of AIr Conditioning Plants, it has a High Degree of separation of Sand and large Dust particles.
The vertical sections trap the sand and drive it to the drainage holes.
The Sand Trap Louver is Self-Cleaning OR Removable Tray and maintenance-free but it is not a substitute for conventional supply air Filtration Plant.
DVAC Sand Trap Louvers comes in different types:
– STL-E (External)
– STL-DMFD (Duct Mounted with Filter & Damper)

– STL-DMRT (Duct Mounted with Removable Tray)
– STL-DMRTF (Duct Mounted with Removable Tray & Filter)
– STL-DMRTFD (Duct Mounted with Removable Tray, Filter & Damper)

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